I truly enjoy going to work every single day. Our company vibe is what gets me up in the morning and coworkers feel more like family than colleagues. Pre-covid, all of this was a given but working remotely has a bigger impact on our company culture than I expected.

One of our colleagues came up with a brilliant yet simple way to keep the energy alive. We introduced various challenges throughout our organization and let people earn points when they completed a challenge. More and more people got involved making it harder to keep track of who completed which challenge. Monday proved to be an ideal platform to create, track, and display these challenges.

What it does

Teamspirit provides a way to engage your employees by letting them participate in fun challenges. Employees get rewarded when completing challenges. The leaderboard shows the current ranking of the employees. An optional prices tab enables employees to trade their points into fun prices.

How I built it

Using react and material UI

Challenges I ran into

Using the Monday graphQL API wasn't always easy.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

All the data stays on, no external services are used.

What I learned


What's next for Teamspirit

Add filters to the challenges tab

Built With

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