I run a Teamspeak server for a couple of my friends because we needed a place to go for voice-over-ip communication (VoIP) when we played online video games. I'm interested in data so I wanted to know how many people are using my server.

What it does

This polls the server every minute and creates a compressed count log of the users that are connected to the server.

How I built it

CentOS crontab scheduled every minute calls a php script and then copies the generated log to the http server folder.

Challenges I ran into

Compressions saves space but takes a while to get right.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works... I've been putting this little project off and the hack day allowed me to sit down and code it out.

What I learned

It's very difficult to program quickly when you're only using vim on a remote server, using your phone's internet connection via bluetooth tether.

What's next for Teamspeak Grapher

Leaderboard for most active users. Will need to be combined with an automated AFK-kicker.

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