Our main inspiration was actually hackDFW itself! We love the idea of bringing creators together, and we decided to build that very idea in to our site.

What it does

The main page of our site is a list of challenges sponsored by companies and investors. Any user can submit their own idea to the challenge, as well as a plan of action. Other users can then browse through the user ideas and contribute to the ideas that they like. Based on those contributions, a user can gain "equity". When the challenge is over, the sponsor picks winners, and the prize is split amongst the collaborators proportional to their equity.

How we built it

We build the site using Gatsby for React. The backend is all handled by Firebase. For styling, we (unfortunately) used a CSS framework called MaterialUI.

Challenges we ran into

MaterialUI. Getting all of our team members' development environments working.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to create a basic UI that looks pretty good, and is also semi-functional!

What we learned

We learned to use Bootstrap instead of MaterialUI. A couple of us learned a lot of javascript. All of us learned how to use our strengths to help the team.

What's next for TeamSource

Migrating to Bootstrap. Migrating to Django and PostgreSQL. Adding challenge responses and finishing our user pages.

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