: Teams+ was inspired by by a pretty cool feature on Twitch: Teams! Currently, while it's easy to find other cool streamers through Teams, it's not so simple when it comes to finding cool viewers. Teams+ aims to solve this by allowing streamers to create teams within Teams+ and adding users to said teams with various levels of Trust, indicating the role of a certain viewer. Say there is a viewer named MaxGrosshandler. If BanzaiBaby thinks MaxGrosshandler is cool and trustworthy, BanzaiBaby could assign MaxGrosshandler a role to indicate that level of status. Then, if BanzaiBaby adds MarsLife to their team, MarsLife could see that MaxGrosshandler is trustworthy through their own Extension Panel, allowing for a pretty easy shift into another streamer's community. We use Axios to make calls to a hosted database to store all the team related data. We ran into some challenges when trying to interface with the Twitch API, as it was returning data we were not expecting. We are fairly proud of the design of the extension, and the general concept behind it.

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