Forming teams with new people should be simple, and easy to have an insight of your new team members

What it does

Improves the process of forming a team for hackathons and in the future, any event that requires a team

How we built it do

The technologies behind it are Node.js + Express for the backend, and React + Redux for the front end. Is it overengineered? Hell yea, but :3

Challenges we ran into

We always go out of our way to learn something new every hackathon, so the hardest/most enjoyable part is learning new technologies we haven't experienced

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of each stepping out of our comfort zones of development and trying something different, eg. backend to front end switch

What we learned

  • AWS is big, maybe too big for personal projects
  • Redux is beautiful, but it's an investment to implement
  • Beware of js frameworks without docs, "What is this variable????"
  • Continuous deployment is a MUST

What's next for teamr

Team building for any event! You'll probably be using it to build your team at your next hackathon

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