When you know every playmate in your team, you know the dates of birth, zodiac signs, hobbies, the circle of interests. But if you a new playmate in the team. What you could know about your Colleagues on your first day? What could be the small talks about?

Such thoughts led us to create the TEAMPLOYEES - useful trifle for me, my team, my company.

What it does

The TEAMPLOYEES plugin keeps you informed about today's birthdays, this week's celebrations, or some birthdays in the few days past as a reminder to congrats your teammates. TEAMPLOYEES is an open product for open teams, all users of your Jira Cloud will be listed in one place. Also - you can add some colleagues, which are not Jira Users yet, but they are the part of your team already, with some base information about them, like a date of birth, Zodiac signs, hobbies, etc. And sure - you can filter such information to find the teammates, with helpful skills.

How we built it

Its our first experience to create something with Atlassian Connect Express and now we have a result of teamwork, we proud that we make it and we knew that its the great start for this year and future wins!

Challenges we ran into

Part of the challenge we have is not to cross the technical restrictions - it was really hard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we make it together. It`s perfect when the team is working as one Employee. We share the ideas, discuss the value, create requirements, and release our product. It was hard, at the same time - it was cool!

What we learned

It was the first product with Atlassian Connect. Now we know! ))

What's next for Teamployees

  • Admin settings page
  • Custom users columns
  • Change columns range
  • Complying with the GDPR
  • Import data from *.csv
  • Skills radar
  • Smart filters for labels
  • Team collaboration
  • Telegram integration
  • Validating data by Email
  • Watcher`s list for custom data

Built With

  • atlasct
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