In an information economy, where social capacity and influence are in the power of humans, politicians in the past have gotten away with fake manifestos, promises, and certificates/mentions about their past offices, experience, and education. we believe citizens can contribute to democracy and drive positive change using an open information system that is accessible for everyone to contribute to, track validity.

What it does

Users can contribute information about a statesman from their locality, local, national and international achievements can be documented, heck even his secondary school mate can tell us one or two things about him/her, they can upvote and downvote information they like and believe is true and vouch for a politician that has kept his promise.

How we built it

Built the platform on Node and Express with a templating engine that let us quickly prototype and mocks the application for the Hackathon, MongoDB provided us with a document-oriented database

Challenges we ran into

  • power supply
  • at some point internet and GitHub going down
  • time ran quickly, sometimes executing the ideas seemed very hard to tackle

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

  • versioning and branching
  • javascript
  • team communication and collaboration
  • project management, prototyping
  • deploying node applications online using several tools, | Netlify | and on a fresh ubuntu server on Linode using a stack scripts

What's next for TeamOmalicha-Statesman

  • Go Global
  • Scale through Nigeria and create a democratic inclusiveness for the Social Media Warriors out there :)

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