What it does

Text emoji and get baseball stats back!

Because the Stattleship API and Ruby Gem (and Twilio) lets you make cool stuff.

Ya! Try it!

Text the emoji(s) to +16178700140

All sports

  • :calendar: :baseball: Upcoming games on the calendar
  • :mega: :baseball: Current scores!
  • :fire: :baseball: Recent hotness in preseason
  • :birthday: :baseball: Who's having cake today?

These use the games, feats and players endpoints.

Stats (for 2015)

  • :house: Home run leaders
  • :cherries: Doubles leaders
  • :dango: Triples leaders
  • :athletic_shoe: Walk leaders
  • :flushed: Wild pitch leaders

These use the stat_leaders endpoints.

Baseball Player Fun

  • :panda_face: Pablo Sandoval random game log
  • :water_buffalo: Matt Kemp random game log
  • :crystal_ball: Ichiro random game log
  • :hammer: Ryan Braun random game log
  • :poultry_leg: Beer and chicken! Jon Lester shows a pitcher's game log fragment.
  • :moneybag: David Price. The price is high

These use the game_logs endpoint for sport and player.

How I built it

Stattleship API and Ruby Gem, Twemoji, Twilio API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The Panda!

We launched baseball support at 3am today.

Updated the our Ruby gem and these are the very first cases of using our Baseball stats.

The exact same data model, endpoints and functionality we built for Football, Basketball and Hockey let us stand up MLB + fetch, parse, store and analyze the data in a day a half of work.


The inconsistency of emoji naming. Ie: "panda" vs "panda face". UHG!


Integrate these as Stattleship Stat Shots and into Glickman our Sports Slack bot

I want more!

Join Stattleship's public Slack channel called Fanboat and try out cosell its own Sports Slack bot

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