With an all time rise in the number of the children that are being threatened by child trafficing and baby stealing activities especially in our country,we aim to minimize this problem as much as possible so that the young can lead our country into a brighter future in the coming times.

In India specifically, it is estimated that there are around 135,000 children trafficked each year.With the number rising day by day,it is mandatory to think of this problem and work on it

What it does

we are integrating tech with public efforts to solve the social evil by enabling people to constantly update and improvise our database of all those possible children going through these problems.the public can either post add and look up for the particular child from our database which has been missing or post and update page which contains the info of the children which they suspect are undergoing violations of human rights.they can subsequently contact the corresponding authorities and make them aware of it and help make this place a better place for the upcoming generation .

How we built it

we built it using html ,css, javascript, bootstrap in the front end and firebase in the backend

Challenges we ran into

one of our members ditched us at the last moment and he was the only one handling the backend and machine learning work so we now need to learn and implement backend logic.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

according to us the accomplishment that we are really proud of is our idea which we believe will impact the society and improve our country's future and also that we're not backend programmers and still trying to make it work

What we learned

we learned to work on git, handle firebase

What's next for teamliquid

we thinking of integrating this web app to android,upscaling it,using computer vision to compare photos and remove security flaws.

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