TeamLifeSaver Inspiration

"830 Pregnant Women Die Daily, How Can Tech Help?" this was the question that gave rise to the whole concept of lifesaver. I complex issue that needed to be solved in the simplest way.

What it does

Lifesaver is a solution that helps to prevent the death of patients during emergency due to lack of access to medical data, Available resources etc. The solution is an app that is connected to a database that uses blockchain technology to keep recorded data. Features of the app include An emergency button that sends a request to your love ones in time of need. Connects to Google map to give you the location to the nearest hospital. And also send medical details on approval to the hospital to necessary backup Reminders for regular medical activities

How we built it

The app was intended to be built with android studio before the crash, so we resorted to MIT app inventor and Google form as the database. The blockchain platform is built with python

Challenges we ran into

Our major challenge was trying to implement the project, since we used cracked softwares. About two days into the hack, the only android studio compatible PC Reported the android studio to have crashed, since we had a limited time we had no choice than to settle for MIT APP INVENTOR AND THE GOOGLE FORM. Trying the blockchain database was another challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with such a breakthrough idea for humanity Working together to accomplish it even with the distance and presence barriers.

What we learned

To work as a teams. Building a Blockchain technology database with python. To work and think right under pressure

What's next for Lifesaver

Proper implementation and advancement

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