I came to this Hackathon to explore ways I can use Blockchain for my existing mobile app - Sports Meetup Management Platform. I came here knowing nothing about Blockchain, and by talking to hackers I soon realised that my ideas cannot be developed in 36 hours. However, I still decided to make the most out of this weekend - develop the concepts on my own and get feedback from the top people in the industry.

I will go over each concept on the slides. Importantly, now in the app we put emphasis on post meetup experience and are implementing gamification - players give badges to other players after sport meetups. These badges can refer not only to sports skills (best player, goal-scoarer), but also other characteristics (good company, friendly player). Blockchain can give more value to the Badges and Token Curated Registries can help us create a transparent ranking system, which will also incentivise players to make honest votes. I think the main pecularity of applying tokenization in amatuer sports is that the concepts such as meetups, ranking and badges are already imbeded in this domain, but amateur sports industry is highly unstructured. What is more, I think it would be a mistake to give value to mere badges without linking them to particular meetups (activities).

I realised that so many problems in amature sports I have been trying to tackle during the last two years can be easily solved using Blockchain. My main goal is to get feedback, pick one feasible task for the next hackathon, and most importnantly deliver value using Blockchain to our users in 6 months.

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