Inspiration: As a current student I find that sharing group projects could be a bit intimidating, we thought this help unleashing potential of each team member.

What it does: Sometimes it could be intimidating share your ideas during a group project. This website is designed to create a judgement free zone for people with great ideas. It is the software that allow all the magic to happen. With features like Events, File Sharing, Networking Directory, you will be able to create an atmosphere for your workforce where you can easily discuss and collaborate goals, plans, and the next milestone for your company, orgainzation, or project. One of Teamize’s main goal is to allow its team members to share ideas anonymously through private messages, neat note boards, and it includes a event calendar to pinpoint activities and events to earn points.

How I built it: We used Wordpress (PHP files and website directory using FTP) to build this evolutionary website that features social media functionality. We also used Adobe Experience Design to design a prototype for the phone application, as we did not have time to build a whole one.

Challenges I ran into: Staying focused and energized throughout the event, and the site crashes very frequently as we did not use a personal domain. We tried using to get a free domain, but even after all the struggles, it still tried to make us pay for hosting a web server.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: We have a product that has a touch of every single one of our team members. It also has cool features where anyone can sign up for an account, adding friends, having public and private messages and creating groups which I would say is mission accomplish for Teamize.

What I learned: Communication is key in order to accomplish projects, and maximizing each person skills in the field of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Graphic Design towards the new field of PHP.

What's next for Teamize: Creating a working app that will include all of these functionalities with a simplistic and appealing interface

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