listening to the bad news of the new Coronavirus cases every day wasn't enough to prove the severity of the situation to some people _ including us _ but when one of your or your friend's family is infected, you began to take it seriously. and try sincerely helping to find a way out. that's what inspired us to contribute to solving this fatal problem and try to save the people we love from this painful fate.

What the application does and is there any external help

so, when we find this great opportunity to express our perspectives and ideas(CEC), we exploit it. Trying to take advantage of it as much as possible, trying harder to concentrate and understand the precious content that the team presents (from workshops and sessions) as that will bring us closer to the solution, and based on the sessions' valuable tips and terms, we got the idea of making an application that connects all the users to a modified web mapping service by the GPS tracking technology, and then the systematic AI start to study the safest pathway for the user giving him protection tips and a brief about the places according to his needs.

how we built it

we start testing our app by making an MVP, as we connect three Stores dealers with seven families in the same area, giving the families details about the stores and when can every family exit their home guiding them by messenger chatting, and we observed that the seven families Distributed in a very regular way among the three stores in different periods, and that's how we achieve the families needs, guaranteeing to them more safety and giving them protection tips, and we now are planning to how we will create the real app, the essential features that must be available in the first update, the design of the interface, and more important details.

Challenges we ran into

our biggest challenge to creating the application that We should be well acquainted with at least 6 programming languages to start the creation, besides in advanced levels, we_ the five of us _ will not be able to manage the application on our own, so we began thinking for taking funds, and try to reach the breakeven point and start to make a profit to spend on developing the application and hire proficient app programmers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we made some baby steps towards the success, as we have conducted a survey asking if the application will be useful or not, and if we have chosen the right category to work on as an MVC, and we found that more than 80% of Respondents are interested in the idea, moreover, over 90% recommended working on the category as MVC, then we started Hunting some families that are affected with the mean situation the most and showed them the idea and suggested that they take part in the test and they loved the idea and we recorded another success.

What we learned

we had learned a lot from this unique experience, as we found that everybody is capable of doing what he wants and there is nothing will stand in his way as long as he is believing that he will reach to the final stage, in the beginning, we wouldn't believe that we would get a good solution thinking that the problem is beyond our limits, but when we work hard, we found that there is nothing impossible.

What's next for teaming up with the death

we are planning to find an investor who is ready to fund this great idea Generously and to improve our skills (especially in programming) to be able to make the application amazing.

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