We're always inspired to help the development community grow. TeamGrid came out of the frustrations that we've all had with miscellaneous exceptions, errors, and bugs. It is our solution for bringing an end to these problems together.

How it works

TeamGrid has a front-end component and a back-end API that users can utilize to maximize their development productivity. On our landing page simply sign up with your name, email, phone number, and team name, and you will volunteer to help out your team and/or the general development community with various challenges they may encounter. Our API allows one to simply wrap any bit of JavaScript code in a function which will handle and all exceptions and reach out to the team and developer community by utilizing Sendgrid and Twilio APIs. If that wasn't enough already, our API invites all recipients to a private collab room online where they can view the code in question, the error or exception, and write comments/give continuous feedback.

Challenges I ran into

Overall the application was a large undertaking for just the two of us. We've run into quite a few issues with our server/database layer, but grown as a result.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

We've learned a lot of front and back end development, as well as the ability to remain patient and calm under pressure and annoyance. The irony of all of this is the app we were building would have been a perfect tool for us to have been able to use this weekend..

What's next for TeamGrid

More features, more capabilities. Expanding on the collaborative space online and allowing for real-time, long-distance collaborative development. Expanding on the sophistication of the developer tools/API in order to give them a more sophisticated way to deal with errors and exceptions in addition to the communication aspect.

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