Atlassian products are the de facto standards in agile software development. We use JIRA for tracking, Confluence for collaborating, Bambo for build and deploy and Hipchat for communication.

When developing software it's also important to know the health of your software team. To measure team health an additional tool is needed. A tool that helps the underlying issues to surface as quickly and as effortlessly as possible without much drama.

So we created TeamFlowApp, an addition to JIRA, based on AtlasKit, the brand new UI kit from Atlassian.

Working in a multi-team agile software development environment the managers wanted to get valuable information from developer team members as quickly as possible and as easily as possible. Initially, we used simple daily emails to gather individual status summaries.

As a logical next step we built a prototype responsive web app. Seeing the upcoming Atlassian CodeGeist competition we prepared the web app using AtlasKit and React.

What it does

  • colleagues answer 3 questions (based on our 10 year experience in agile software development management) in 20 seconds to send it to management; in addition text summaries and attachments can be sent too
  • colleagues can see each other's status summaries
  • panic button: press when management must be informed; board members get email notification immediately
  • reports: a birds eye view of your organisation’s health on charts based on colleagues’ answers covering the last sprint
  • social functions: “like” someone else's status summary, add comment to status summaries

How we built it

  • our UI is based on AtlasKit - issues at the end of May 2017.
  • technologies used include React, and React templating, auth0 for authentication.
  • for the JIRA plugin we used atlassian-connect-express.

Challenges we ran into

  • from a business point of view it was difficult to find the right balance between getting as much valuable information as possible form colleagues and do it in the most non-disruptive and fun way; this lead us to build the app
  • fun fact ;): AtlasKit is still under heavy development, new versions have been released during our development sprints.
  • we wanted to make a fully responsive version from day #1, custom components had to be developed
  • we wanted to include Atlassian account login option as well; for the time being only BitBucket is available.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The original POC was written using AngularJS. We managed to completely rewrite it in React including auth0, supporting multiple languages and using AtlasKit in just 1.5 months.

What we learned

Infinite experience in React and AtlasKit ;)

What's next for TeamFlowApp

To add advanced reporting and build a subscription model based payment module. Currently, TeamFlowApp is available as a public beta.

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