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We were looking for a way to give back to the Teamfight Tactics Streaming community and noticed that while many Twitch streamers were playing the new Teamfight Tactics game, their viewers often had a hard time keeping track of all the new item combinations, champions, origins, and classes and what were the strategic combinations of those to use. Teamfight tactics is a round based strategy game and we noticed that viewers often found it difficult to strategize with their streamers who were playing.

This inspired us to create a “Companion” extension as an interactive video component so viewers can view item combinations, and see up to date information on the newest champions, classes, origins and their preferred methodologies. Our goal is to make the Twitch viewing experience more enjoyable for Teamfight Tactics streams and enable audiences to better strategize with their streamers during games.

Teamfight Tactics Companion gives viewers insight into all item combinations, champions, classes, and origins allowing them to strategize with creators while they play. Contains up to date information on all champions, classes, origins, and items for Teamfight Tactics. This extension sits on top of the stream player as an interactive component.

Team Fight Tactics Twitch Extension

More info: https://www.sengage.io/twitch-extensions

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