Project: To purify the water and make it consumable for the people of Karachi

Aim: Our aim focuses on providing pure water to the people of Karachi for their use

Significance: Karachi requires 1080M Gallons of water a day and only 650M Gallon is available so to resolve this issue we have made a carbon based filter so that it can filter the impure water so the people can have clean and pure water in their homes and shortage of approx 450M Gallon can be overcomed by purifying polluted lakes.

Procedure: The contamiated water comes to the system and first the solid waste is removed from the water. Then the water is chlorinated so the micro-organisms and the bacteria are killed inside them, this water then passes through the layer of sand and then activated charcoal which removes the bad odor and taste from the water.(According to EPA USA)including 32 organic compounds and 12 types of pesticides, further metallic ions can be filtered by de-ionizing filter.

Cost: The system is inexpensive and is within reach of the common man. Targeting Slums area for example: Machar Colony, Total Populations is 700,000. Estimating usage of water person to be 35 gallons, total requirement for water comes out to be: 25.5M Gallons. Initial cost: 35 crore Running Cost: 5 crore

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