People are moving from being employed to work as freelancer. But still there are products or services that need teams. There are solutions on the market that can enhance the matchmaking between a product/service owner and freelancer (upwork is one example).

But companies want to hire a team of people the product owner should know what kind of people, how many. So he/she needs to do people management, project management.

Why not just be a product/service owner and focus on the product requirements?

What it does

TeamEasy is a matchmaking platform between 3 parties: product/service owner, supervisor/team leader/project manager and freelancers with skills (graphic designers, soft dev, engineers, plumbers and so on).

How I built it

I have a scratch built in python/django with Rest as backend and Vuejs with nuxt as frontend. I built it last year and I abandoned the project. During this crisis I think that more and more people will have to or start to work as freelancers and the HR will shift from a long relationship to a project relationship.

Challenges I ran into

1st Right now I have issues in optimising serialisation between data models. With large data the app is slow. 2nd The frontend is not so friendly and probably flows can be improved so any user can use it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that it was easier to deploy it on a docker infrastructure.

What's next for TeamEasy

1st I want to identify the right 'market'. To what industry to address? People from Advertising Industry, Media, Construction, Agriculture? 2nd Reshape the platform for the people identified at 1st. 3rd Nice to have: integrate with a PM tool like Jira, Trellor or Asana matchings between product owner, supervisors and freelancers. After the matching is done would be nice to define a project in one PM tool for next phases.

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