It is just hard to find people to play with sometimes it's good to know whenever anybody else wants to do something with someone else or is looking for people

What it does

Posts events to a Google Maps and table object where they show up on a table and you can join

How I built it

Used Ruby on Rails and Javascript to load the Google Map objects

Challenges I ran into

Learning to work with the geocode gem and google maps API to get a manageable project. Plus working on website by myself was very time consuming

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting a search function to work to look for opportunities around a certain area.

What I learned

A great deal about the Ruby on Rails framework as well as clever ways to get it to play nice with javascript

What's next for team_map

Working on smoother routes and making it look better. Plus a lot more personalization. I didn't get the time to work on user profiles and making sure every user gets a different instance of the application.

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