Older people struggle a lot with technologies; therefore, a more comfortable solution to communicate better with their health care provider is essential. Coming across personas such as Robert and Mary motivated us to create an efficient and easy to use solution for their problems to easy access to virtual care, especially in these challenging times where virtual care is more needed than ever. Our motivation was rather than adapting to new technologies; we wanted the technologies to adapt to them.

What it does

Communicate with your care provider Connect fitness tracker data such as weight, blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, etc.… Facetime video visits Schedule Diagnostics and Lab appointment View upcoming and previous visits summaries, including lab result Review, Order, and refill medications Get deals through GoodRx Collect Data from Fitness Tracker (Apple Watch, Fitbit, and more) Condense Data into a consumable amount Averages Highest Lowest Uses Access Code to activate the user account Medication, Prescriptions & Appointments Reminders

How we built it

To build the app, we used Android Studio for a faster way to reach a UI ready to present.

Challenges we ran into

As for challenges, we have never used Android Studio or code with Kotlin, the language we used to code the app, or even built an android app; therefore, it was a challenge learning how to get started with the development tool and debugging the code required a lot of research. Finding the easiest solution for our persona that would integrate into the app was a bit challenging since we weren't sure what was doable with the tools and technologies available to us and finding what tool to use to start developing the app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the struggle getting started with a new language and development tool, we are proud to have completed a UI and were able to add functions to it, allowing us to Demo and showcase our idea and plans to complete the app and the project. We are also proud of our solution because we firmly believe in how efficient it will be to relate to our chosen persona.

What we learned

The biggest thing we learn is the Mobile app development that we can enjoy learning. We had the chance to learn about android studio, Kotlin language, and not to mentions API and how important they can be when building an app. We never realized how useful and convenient they could be. The epic API's were a great discovery for us

What's next for Team8_Sanford_Hackapp

What is next? we intend to win this competition to able to finish the app as we believe it can thoroughly help solve virtual care challenging

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