Problem Statement

Our team was responsible for helping out an organization called the Sunshine Acres. Sunshine Acres is a loving home for foster kids and with a very noble mission in mind. Many of the foster kids are administered prescribed medicines on a regular basis. The effort of monitoring these activities involve a lot of manual labor and accuracy because of the strict reporting criteria on the use and administering of prescribed drugs. But what cannot be made a little more simpler with some Software and some love?


Our team loved the purpose that Sunshine Acres carries. We also thought that undertaking this project during the hackathon would actually make a difference and it felt awesome knowing our software code could have a social impact.

Our Project

We understood the organizational setup of Sunshine Acres and proposed to build the following -

  1. Mobile Application for both Android and iOS platforms meant to be used by the 'HouseParents' to log their drug administrations. It also gave them an option to keep a track of children that were away on Home Visits. We felt that a mobile application would give the HouseParents the mobility and freedom they needed while taking care of the children.

  2. A Web Based Application for the Health Admin who could operate from their office to enter medical records for children, add/update house parents and generate a spreadsheet based on drug administering activity for a particular child in any timeframe.

Let's go Technical, how we built it?

We discussed the core competencies in our team and went ahead with the following -

  1. Our backend server is based entirely on Python Flask.
  2. Our frontend code is written in HTML,CSS,JS.
  3. For the mobile application we picked the popular 'React Native'. This helped us to create applications for two operating systems, namely Android and iOS with almost 100% code reuse.

Challenges? Sure Enough!

Although we had experience with JS and React before ,it was a really new experience diving into React Native Mobile Development. We might not have written the cleanest of codes but we did a decent job. The APIs were complex and it was difficult to debug a lot of them due to their intricate nature and dependencies

Accomplishments that we are proud of

The best feeling is that we got to make a social impact with our code and we will do our best to implement the remaining features. But we were more amazed by our ability to avoid sleep and code. Making an app in React Native was also special

What's next for Team8-SunshineAcres

The next HACKATHON, for sure!

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