The day began with an air of wonder and excitement since this, for most of us, is our first time participating in a hackathon of any sort. Our interest grew as the key note speaker set the day off on a positive note followed by he NPOs as they gave their speech. After talking with Laura, from Arizonans for Children, we concluded that the solution to her NPO's problem was something within our scope of understanding and decided to partner with her to see her need met. The inspiration behind our iPad kiosk idea came from the fact that single app kiosks are fun and easy to use while still delivering the adequate information to the NPO. ## Inspiration

The original problem that Laura, and her staff/volunteers, were facing was data handling and processing from information given at 2 potential instances regarding the same entry. Basically two parties would meet up at the facility using the same sign in sheet documenting their names, guest names, check in times, and check out times. However, the problem continues when the second party arrives at a different time form the the first party requiring a manual search of the original sign in sheet for that appointment creating a massive wait time of up to an hour. The kiosk will eliminate the need for a front desk staff to continually search for check in papers by allowing the clients to sign themselves in. All this information will be stored and analyzed later. ## What it does

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

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