The applications automatically matches hackers to a group of 4 based on their area of expertise (front-end or back-end), their experience in that area (on a scale from 1 to 5) and their goals at the hackathon (Competing, Learning or Teaching). The idea is to make sure that everybody works on something and no one get left behind or feels like he doesn’t belong here. The more experienced that would sign up as teachers would be very helpful in making that happen. They would be mostly in charge of leading the least experienced.

It allows hackers to create an account, and they will be matched with a group that best fit them, but they still have the choice do decline it. in this case, they will join a waiting list that consists of people that are waiting to be matched with a team.

I built it using express.js/Node.js, mongodb/mongoose, HTML/Bootsrap, Javascript

I have been taking a 42 hours full-stack web dev bootcamp online, which I will be done with by next weekend. I have worked on multiple front-end personal project, including my personal website ( This web apps is my very first full stack personal project, outside of the projects from the bootcamp. It was very challenging, as I realized that I still had a lot to learn, and I ran into a lot of issues until this morning, but I really enjoyed working on it to test my skills on the back-end.

I am really proud that I was able to work on the whole app by myself, in that very short amount of time, and still get it done.

I learned a

Right now, the app has a few test cases that are basically javascript logic in the back-end that matches hackers with a specific team. Team Up is something that I would like to see developing into an app that is available for public use, and using more technology to better learn bout the hackers and better match them with teams.

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