Me and Harshitha were not known to each other before the start of the hackathon. We thought to have an application that could help people pair up as a team.

Takes all the hackathon events that would be posted on facebook and we connect the people with the events.

We entirely made it using PHP and Angular JS with the help of bootstrap. We have used Facebook API to fetch the required data. We have used MySql as a Database.

We were short of people, we took a long time in deciding the idea as we just met.

We are able to provide a working model (Though not fully complete) in a very limited time and people. We did not use any repository like Github which made our work a bit redundant.

To have a proper plan of action become the hackathon starts. We have also learned many new features about angular JS.

We plan to complete the website by introducing new features like Direct messaging to a possible teammate, creating a hackathon team on Team up, registering that team for hackathon etc.. After releasing the website, we plan to develop

an android and ios application for the same.

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