When people with similar interests/skillsets work in unison the productivity and efficiency rates improve and this is exactly what this app aims to bring about. Our goal is to develop the perfect application which enables people with different skill sets to find the perfect project that they can contribute to and thereby improve themselves as well as build a career for themselves

What it does

It is related to social connectivity , user engagement and team up from any where from the world. They can register according to their skill set that there will will some people who can't do project because of less availability of those specific skilled people

How we built it

We used Java to build android , GCP for the cloud functionality and to locate the users.

Challenges we ran into

That's all everything that I've got to say.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Anyone can find people with the desired purpose and can find em in here start a project(open source, Personal project ...)

What we learned

We learnt alot about team work and knowledge

What's next for Team-Up

Well, i need it to upgrade it which it will be working independently with any 3-rd party

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