I thought it would be nice to find teammates, no matter where they happened to be.

What it does

i built this application to help people find teammates at the start of a hackathon. at the start of a hackathon, when everyone's milling around, trying to find a group, this app will make it easy to see people with similar or much needed skillets for a project.

How I built it

I used angular 2 on the front end. Nodejs on the back end and the lambda functions. We used firebase database to have everything connected

Challenges I ran into

the biggest challenge of course was the clock, with only 24 hours its hard to rapidly code systems, especially putting the final pieces in place at the end, rushing for time as the final seconds tick down. another challenge i ran into was blending the animations together in a way that they would look neat instead of a jumbled mess.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the fact that I was able to finish as much of this system as i did with such little time.

What I learned

I learned about developing on a deadline, under pressure. And about managing the 24 hours that I had to work on the project.

What's next for Team Up

To be honest i'm not sure what the future holds for Team Up. The system can always be improved as well as better algorithms employed with more time to dedicate to the project. one thing i know though this is one project I wont forget anytime soon.

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