A common issue faced by consultants working in the Daugherty office is encountering a lack of ready to drink coffee when in severe need of a caffeine boost. The recognized cause of this problem is the failure of office mates to complete the coffee drinking workflow by brewing new coffee after pouring the remainder for themselves.

In order to combat this behavior Bad Beans will recognize when a user has appropriated the last of the brewed coffee, and then evaluate whether they have initiated the brewing of a new pot. Should they do so, a picture taken at the time of the pour will be posted to the Fame Gallery, for all to see their awesome office behavior. However, should they NOT brew to replace what they took, they will be posted to the Shame Gallery for all to see and jeer at their office mate.

Facial recognition will attempt to match images to a database of coffee drinkers so a name can be matched with the drinker. Application users will also be able to enter a name for those images that do not have names attached.

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