Vital Circle creates hope and saves lives through self-reported health tracking data, shared with social networks and public health agencies, to stop the spread of COVID-19. Vital Circle enables the very earliest signal detection by tracking an individual's health over time, monitoring individual and community symptoms, tracking geo-local interactions between individuals, and sharing symptom alerts to family, friends and public health agencies. Vital Circle will get society back on its feet by empowering users, public health agencies and communities to make decisions that protect front line health workers and enable businesses, schools and places of worship to reopen locally, and nationally. Our working app is built with scalable and commonly used tools and open platforms. Flutter is one of the fastest growing languages in GitHub. Google Cloud Platform and Firebase are fast, secure, and easily accessible. Our go forward and implementation plan is to build Vital Circle to scale while focusing on 1. public health and hospital community partnerships and testing 2. critical technology and data solution provider partnerships and 3. social scaling of our solution. The primary challenge we ran into was lack of time. We are excited to push forward and quickly realize the next phases of our go-forward and implementation plan. Our team of fifteen developers, designers and strategists brings an unparalleled, world-class combination of development, clinical and business expertise. We learned a tremendous amount from our development, clinical, and business advisers about technical functionality, user adoption, data partnerships, interoperability, campaign design, marketing and branding to produce a timely, simple solution that will quickly make a tremendous impact in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Vital Circle is moving forward, full speed ahead. Our passionate, experienced team is committed to continuing to build and scale Vital Circle rapidly so that we can expand our global campaign to stop COVID-19 and revive communities nationally and internationally. #VitalCircle

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