I was inspired by the excellent speakers in the panel and the two keynote speakers, to make an investment portfolio according to the needs of our client.

What it does

This project gives asset class allocation for the funds, a year-by-year strategy, with detailed forecasts.

How we built it

I planned all the individual investments through Microsoft Excel while using various online resources and article research. Then, I separated the investments into different classes and allocated a certain budget towards each class and security as well. Finally, to top it off, I made Visuals, completed the report, made a PowerPoint, and recorded the video.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the challenges I ran into were in the gist of formatting and data management. Through the project, I constantly ran into formula errors in excel. Additionally, one specific challenge I ran into was in the overall return part of my project. I was just a bit short of the desired return, after adding all the estimates and forecasts, which I then added to and revised.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of the skills I learned through making this project go from an idea to an actual plan that the client can use. I am proud of the PPT I created, and am most proud of the research I conducted through the project. Although it took a lot of work to research each sector and industry, it ended up really paying off!

What we learned

I learned a lot of skills in the areas of Research, Presentation Skills, and overall Finance. I didn't know much about different Investment Sectors and Risk Management before this, but I was able to not only learn these details- but also put it to use by the strategy/plan I created.

What's next for Team Sharan- Investment Portfolio Summary

Maybe start expanding this idea into a product where a bot will automatically pick the sectors you should invest in, based on your needs and funds. This product or service should automate this process of researching, consulting a financial advisor, and buying the individual securities- having all the information and brokerages in one place! One such possible tool is to use Artificial Intelligence Predictive Models.

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