After attending the health panel we realized there was a need for patients to carry their own medical data. Our goal was to create a way for our patients to create and track their medical history that they could then share with caregivers, doctors, and any else they want.

What it does

Pin point is a web app that can update symptoms. Create and update their medical history as well as share and print their medical record and timeline.

How we built it

Pin point was built with a very wide variety of users in mind. The most important is the patient. We designed pinpoint to not only be able to log existing symptoms but will also be able to automatically prompt our patient to answer short simple questions so that the data is up to date and not a hassle to use. No one wants to fill out forms, there is a short one in the beginning and then the application will then switch to tracking those symptoms to create a history but also invoke digging questions that will allow for us to learn more about our patients health from day to day and find correlations to also learn about new ways to improve health and healthcare overall. Design would be secure so that full access to the database would not contain any names or patient linking data. Patient credentials and data would be stored in an encrypted file on a users hard drive and everything else after removing the user credentials could be saved into the database and accessible to all other systems through a rest API for easy flexibility and new implementations. If the flu was spreading around we could send a push notification to users in any area and quickly check to see if they are feeling a flu like symptom and anyone else would also be able to access our shared information while also providing ways to make patient to doctor interactions easier and more efficient my providing a easy to read visual map of the symptoms the patient has experienced over their life time. The users Encrypted file could also be shared with family members on googledrive and decrypted by loading it into any browser and then printing it off.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Pin Point

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