Getting up in the morning and waiting for your coffee to brew is way too hard. Wouldn't it be nice if you could control this remotely from your bedside table?

What it currently looks like:

A Leapmotion runs with a Java program on a computer, and connects via the Internet to an Electric Imp that controls four lights. Depending on what gesture is recognized (circle, swipe, screen tap, key tap), one of the lights will turn on.

What it would look like in the future:

A Leapmotion running on a script on a Raspberry Pi (connected to the internet) controls the Electric Imp, which can control virtually anything. To answer to our motivation, it could switch a relay that can turn on the coffee maker; we could interact with a virtual knob or slider to change the brightness of the room lights... the possibilities are endless, but the night is.

How to use

  1. Clone the git (go into terminal and type: git clone
  2. Navigate to workspace and type: javac -cp "./LeapJava.jar:." java -cp "./LeapJava.jar:." Leap
  3. Cross your fingers and hope it works. The Leapmotion might take some time to 'warm up' and become responsive to gestures if it hasn't been used for a while. I have no idea why.
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