Our robotics team needed a way to view ideas and changes on our robots and other projects without having to be in the lab Currently we use notebooks, but it is hard to share with a group of people and it cant be accessed with a phone

On saturday our team had a turnoment, so we couldnt get any help from our coach for this and only two of us could come to the hackathon

The goal of our website is to easily share updates on projects our team has, allowing us to collaborate from anywhere, rather than the few hours we have in our lab, we especially need this because we compete in the state turnoment is in a few months

main features:

projects list image

updates list image

search bar image

comments indicator image comments image

The website and webserver is completely written in lua because development in it is verry fast and portable

The webserver was the only program i used that already existed, i designed it to be easily run on a raspberry pi or less, it uses less than 2MB of ram

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