We came up with the idea after learning about the challenges and how we might help tourists travel again during this pandemic.

What it does

One of our team member (Vanua Tamari) came up with the idea of a web-app as an index so it pulls out travel destinations along with Covid 19 statistics of a destination that the tourist entered into the web-app's search entry.

How we built it

One of our team member (Shane Yagabo) created the web application using react for the front-end, mongodb for the back-end and node.js and express.js for the server tier.

Challenges we ran into

Firstly, would be the different locations that we are working from and the internet issues we face here. Another thing faced by one of our team member who developed the site was building the site from stratch, because it was not really planned. He had a rough idea of what to build and as he built he had to just test some ideas and just iterate to see what worked. Another thing was not having access to constant feedback from the team. That would have helped also.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team, even though we did not meet much to discuss the issues and sites, we came up with the an idea and worked towards developing it.

What we learned

Learnt that team work is vital for such project.

What's next for Team PNG

Hope to refine the project and formally and properly launch the site to help address the issue.

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