We wanted to create a fun typing tester game that differed from the normal boring ones that already exist.

What it does

Our project is a game in which the user protect his home from word invaders. To destroy the invaders, the user must type out their weakness written upon them. Please navigate to to feel immersed in the fate of humanity

How we built it

For the initial website we discovered that we were struggling with hosting a domain. One of our team members had the idea to use an unconventional domain extension in order to keep in line with the theme of our game. We ended up using a website from that ended with .space, which gave us as our website. The main page of the website is built using html, css, and JavaScript. We extensively realized that frame embedding in order to reduce the amount of files and folders. The index.html depicts the start of a typepocalypse using css elements and containers to provide vivid imagery. This page contains the play button which is responsive and opens up a window popup that is not a link to an external tab, but is directly stored on the main website. The play button sources content from the github linked below, which contains word invaders. The word invaders game was created using a combination of C++, html JavaScript, css, and lots of pixelart(GIMP). The game was coded in C++ and then one of our team members wrapped the game as a .html for easy web deployment without the use of things like flash. This conversion was done using the proprietary atanvertor script. Additionally functionality was added to reload the game whenever desired. The word-bank is sourced from Merriam Webster dictionary api and is pseudo-classified by an original system that assigns ships their words based on the factors of length, complexity, and unique letters. The other github link is the main page. We also utilized google fonts and google cloud in order to store recurring scores.

Challenges we ran into

Switching from a github page website to an actual domain, working with other virtually, and properly using pop ups in Javascript. We also tried to implement an orbital for the play button on the main page, however we were only able to get as far as making it change position at different states based on both display refresh rates and aspect ratios, but it remains static once the website has loaded.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Hosting the website on a proper domain, successful integration of many different programming languages, the website being visually appealing, and working correctly.

What we learned

We learned how to host on a domain that was not github pages and developing custom game architecture.

What's next for Word Invaders

Visual updates, better scaling of difficulty, and more diversity in game play. Possibly even more typing games.

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