We were inspired by the success of Bell Bajao in reducing incidences of domestic violence. The goal of Patronus is to empower victims of domestic violence to easily trigger distractions themselves that may interrupt violent outbursts. Victims can also set up circles of trusted contacts who will be alerted any time an incident is reported. These trusted contacts can be friends, family, or even children residing in the same residence who may witness the violence as it occurs. Patronus empowers victims and their loved ones to stop violence in real time as it occurs.

Patronus has two components -

1) An SMS hotline that victims can store in their phones. Any messages sent to the hotline will trigger distress messages to the victim's circle of trusted contacts as well as a distraction phone call to a preset phone number (home phone, spouse/SO cell phone, etc.)

2) A mobile app for community and trusted contacts. This app contains valuable information about what to do if someone you love is in ab abusive relationship. If you are a 'trusted contact' you can also see information about incident reports from your loved ones. You can also report incidents yourself directly through the application.

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