Target Domains

1) Overcrowd 2) Local transport for all events

System Flow

Note Instead of watch currently we have used mobile phone for implementing our initial idea.

Hajji will submit form for hajj in there countries. If their application is accepted they will be assigned a group number and will be notified through their group leader. Before going for hajj, hajji go to Hajji camp for vaccinations and to learn hajj events. There they will be given devices. Each hajji will enter his passport number on app and it will register the mac address of that device against that passport number. Now it will start continuous tracking.

Over Crowed Management

Sections will be created in each path like going for Rami. Each section will have it's capacity which and in case it crosses it's limit all hajji in this section will be notified to take prevention steps.

Group Tracking

You can keep track of all members of group.

Find lost Person

If your group member get lost you can track him using location. And hajj can also track him using admin portal.


If you need any emergency help you will press button and it will notify authority and someone from authority near you will reach you for help.


Each hajji will be assigned a bus for every event and he can track that bus.

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