Virtual Bank Account (VBA)! , well .. the Pilgrims abroad often bring money as a paper currency because it is the only way to deal financially in the holy places and the cities of Saudi Arabia, this could presents the assets of the pilgrim to the risk of loss or theft or damage also usually The Pilgrim bring his/her assets in the currency of the arrival country and does not exchange it once, but as parts and thus could increases the cost of rate exchange each time, the idea of a virtual bank account that uses the financial infrastructure of Saudi Arabia will solve this issue by enable the limited period Virtual Bank Account for the pilgrim integrated with his/her Hajj Visa period, and granted to him/her access and Withdrawal from ATM and purchase from any (mada) point of sales in Saudi Arabia by ATM Card or Mobile App!! After the pilgrim get back to his country the Virtual Bank Account will be disabled automatically by integration with ministry or interior.
All the Transactions deals will be in SAR. Rate exchange will done once.

What it does

  • The pilgrim Open Virtual Bank Account from his country after The Visa Hajj is issued. this could be done by Hajj Company that he/she will come with or personal.
  • deposit required money amount.
  • Pilgrim arrived to Saudi Arabia can issue ATM card if wish from offices in airport or holy places.
  • Pilgrim can deal any transaction on any point of sales by Mobile APP-- NFC.
  • Pilgrim can Withdrawal money In SAR without any rate exchange by his/her ATM.
  • Pilgrim can get reports in hand by his/her transaction and from where and when any time instantly.
  • if pilgrim fly back to his/her country by broad to airplan the account will be disable and rest of money will be transfer to his home account of his/her wish
  • The charity work side -- any donator could deposit amount of money to donate for pilgrim and pilgrim will not get it as money in his account but will get it as purchases from merchants or stores and those merchants and stores could be setup it by donator earlier by specify it exactly

How we built it

we built it as team , on solid enterprise like platform on spring framework most Java frameworks used in the world among of enterprises , we try the best to handle all the transaction through backend by separate the business model from front end

Challenges we ran into

time, and lack of experience in regulations of banking

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the prototype was really crystal clear for all team member from first glance and that was good accomplishments we done in short time.

What we learned

team work it should we assumed we know that but in short time with unknown each other team mate.

What's next for team p-035

to build it on production, and find another A bright day to generate new revelation idea

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