When we had an experience of Umrah, during which we encountered some elderly people, women and patients regret that they can't circulate inside the Sahan because of crowd and inability to resist

What it does

Monitor and guide the delegations flow on Tawaf, Sa'y and Jamarat. Give delegations the same opportunities to perform rituals.

How we built it

Install RFID readers in entries of Sahan, Safa Wa Merwa and Jamarat. Equip the delegates's electronic bracelets by tags. Give delegates the same amount of minutes for Tawaf in Sahan. Develop an application to notify users about entrees states. Give users the opportunity to select their stay dates and choose their preferred timing to be notified. Enable users to consult their account and control their timing. Note that nothing developed before the Hajj Hackathon. All the code has developed in Hajj Hackathon.

Challenges we ran into

The agreement on the final idea. Databases. Insufficient technical characteristics of computers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Admission to the Guinness Book Set a new idea to give delegates the same opportunities to perform rituals

What we learned

Planning, delegation, teamwork, business model, using of google cloud databases

What's next for TEAM P-029 AMA

Using of various services provided by Google Cloud Platform

Built With

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