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considered to be platform a dual team measuring on the project based on these cross-disciplinary teams and team members are able to Be merged. For specific projects based on their skills interests and competencies. Why is this necessary because SC Situations covid shows. We have some needs and different. Companies and Ministries for example of collaborating to create a solution and actually you need to find out as fast as possible. They are which kind of resources and which quality and quantity those are available and how you can match make those resources perfectly in this way that they can really burn efficient on a task or a project to gain as fast as possible as solution. This has also the goal can say okay if people with a specific skill where their best in Lebanon which they are very keen on work on a specific task in a specific project. They will feel happy and satisfied to the world. And actually they are scaling up their performance. Most probably why because if you like something you dig into it usually goes easy from your Outside and from from your interest and so you are much more comfortable to do this work and you will stick to it and finishes but finishing plus if you have the right knowledge, you will be able to attach a lot of your knowledge and experience to the project to bring even better results and expected because a project definition usually comes from a top management or higher management system. Which only defines okay you have to To solve this problem you are the expert now doing so actually this is promise in him on the fly. Yeah actually able to identify which kind of experts are needed or maybe also missing or any available for projects. How do we do it? Actually, we apply a Learning algorithm which is based on emotional cognitive intuitive intelligence. Its first of all clear guided process where we are identifying the Qualities of the potential team member and as team members usually our region from the from one company. So they are already like that attracted of a one from one business units are already attracted like a small group which has the needs of project team. So actually are giving a profile to that you to questioning and evaluating where we have a scale to figure out what our actual is a real values and powers of the team. Who was it going? It's a team of two developers at the business guy. This support from expert group from Germany and take us for an MVP approximately two days. So that is what we are doing right now the heck up on and afterwards we need to bring it into a Prototype level which could take up to three months depending on the quality or actually needs population to be tested. He's not very urgent should be a sustainable solution to improve future activities of corroboration and project execution, but the important is very high because you are increasing the efficiency of projects the outcome of projects and most of all, you're also satisfying the participants in the project. Actually, you're also addressing and much better as audience which use it. What's important? Because you are attracting all the experts who are really really capable to contribute to a solution. So they speed up and the performance they execute much faster and most probably they will also older perform because they are always tending to do the stuff they like to do so here only come three things the things or Constable lately things have teams. They are really interested. The work of a single customer is always meeting the topic. So if you add those things very good together. Then you have a team on the value just fast and efficient at a drive acting. So most probably the saving and time here the saving in course you have an improvement in the performance and you have a large settlement satisfaction.

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