Your college, your major and what you do with your money all affect your chances of becoming rich. So what are your chances of becoming a millionaire? Team Millionaire helps you find best-value colleges, avoid student debt, explore careers, and help you put your money to work. Find out if you’re on your way to joining Team Millionaire!

When you’re a 20-something struggling to pay off thousands of dollars in student loans, it’s easy to see where you went wrong. But how do you get high school students to care about their financial futures now? How do you prevent student loan debt from happening in the first place?

The solution: Teach teens to make smart, proactive decisions about paying for college by framing lessons and activities in a context they care about: getting rich.

Leveraging the college shopper worksheet from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), publically available data on employment trends and salary, and existing applications and websites providing college preparatory assistance and scholarship searches, Team Millionaire provides an interactive, social and comprehensive learning tool for high school students preparing for and paying for college.

Based on the user’s information about college preferences, career interests, and financial habits, Team Millionaire synthesizes and estimates the user’s expected cost of college, the impact of student loan payments after college graduation and the user’s expected salary and “lifestyle” profile based on college major. Data is provided in a relevant, relatable and shareable format to encourage teens to make smart decisions about student loans and paying for college.

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