What it does is to improve communication between disabled users and train staff

How we built it is by taking advantage of NLP to provide a simple user interface for customers which staff can ahve access to

Challenges we ran into include a night without sleep, developing tech without previous knowledge and working when hungry.

Accomplishments that we're proud of creating a concept despite not initially choosing the project

What we learned is that it is difficult to create an idea from scratch

What's next for Team Mariam, who knows? We're trying to survive right now. That's a future problem :)

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Yes, we lost. It was necessary to show our solution, to emphasize that the artificial assistant is the best interface, it was very important to use the data. But looking back - it was a cool event. But the biggest magic is when a random set of people in two days becomes a real team. Thanks to organizers, thanks to "passengers"

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First of all, our purpose was to identify the problems that disabled people have and then build a solution. So on the train, we had the chance to speak with Robin. Then starting to find proper services. We selected to have a dialogflow for NLP, Intercom for operator's interface, Firebase for saving data and Google Functions as a glue for these things. Then we started to train our NLP agent and creating integrations between services. And now we can show our solution to the judges. We believe the current approach is efficient and practical.

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