The team was inspired to build Sewar Dal (Dal bracelet) after volunteering as boy scout in Makkah helping pilgrimages to reach their designated area when individual gets lost. Many pilgrimages don't know how to reach their desire location due to massive population and difficulty to identify the right tents.

What it does :

Sewar Dal is a stand alone bracelet that could guide pilgrims to their desired destination. It can take you from point A to B to C while avoiding obstacles. Not only that, it allows the government to collect raw data while servicing the majority.

How we built it:

The main components of Sewar Dal are the following: Edison OLED block, Intel Edison, bluetooth beacons, molded bracelets and Battery pack.

Challenges we ran into

One of the hardest challenges were collaborating the bluetooth beacons inside the room due to the huge number of people inside one room and there were so many signal interference from many devices. Another challenge was the failure of the WiFi at the beginning of the Hackathon, it slow our progress since we depend in portable computer for collaboration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We were able to control the noise of the massive signal received from all the electronics devices. The bracelet now can navigate you inside the room to your desire location. Also, you can locate were is the Qibla

What we learned

We learned to be more patient when working in the crowd and dealing with crowd made us understand the struggle that many people feel when they perform their Omrah or Hajj.

What's next for Sewar Dal

Sewar Dal is currently a startup in the Silicon Valley looking to raise fund in order to improve and build its own bracelet with more functions for example:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Navigation
  • Collecting accurate and continuous raw data
  • Store users information such as Visa info, Health info, Emergency Contact info, and others.
  • Allow the bracelet to be used as payment system
  • Integrate the bracelet to use blockchain in the future for security and faster payment system.
  • Allow to the bracelet to use it as train ticket or hotel check in point.
  • The bracelet will also have timer, Qibla and prayer time.
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