The BMCC events page

What it does

Scrapes upcoming BMCC events from the BMCC events calendar onto an embedded Google Maps iframe using Flask, Requests, and Google Maps API

How I built it

Python (Flask + Jinja2 + SQLite + Requests on backend); Client-side ES6 Javascript on frontend to interface with Google Maps API

Challenges I ran into

Some trouble with variable scopes and asynchronous nature of Javascript, but was resolved. To do: cache geocoded (lat, long) to SQL database to prevent quota limits + faster maps result

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Wrangling the Google Maps API

What I learned

Using Flask + Jinja2 to pass the returned object of a Python function that scrapes the actual data.

What's next for Team Lucky's Event Mapper

Personalized events, with weighted tags determining what the users sees based on their presubmitted preferences during registration. Partner integration with other CUNY events, and club meetups, business events, etc. Marker manipulation based on user info such as distance, time, etc. More personalized features w/ a user profile. Networking features, able to check into BMCC events and view other users who checked into an event.

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