Inspiration: Mayra's Major (Petroleum Engineering) and Xochitl's Major (Microbiology and her current Climate Change in Third World Countries)

What it does: Using a TSL-2561 (Light Sensor) on a Arduino Mega 2560 micro-controller our droid can detect what metals are in a water.

How I built it: We got a breadboard, four plastic cups, an exacto knife, wire stripper,cardboard box, a laptop, USB B Cord and a light sensor. We connected the light sensor, arduino and breadboard and we programmed it then we tested it.

Challenges I ran into: wires, package installation

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: we have a working model

What I learned: Learned how to improvise with limited resources

What's next for Team Lit: We study, we graduate and get good jobs!

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