Inspired by Japanese Lantern Ceremonies, our project puts the user in a mysterious dark lake at night with brightly lit lanterns floating in the distance.

What it does

The user discovers their own blank lantern and a paint brush. They are able to paint a message or symbol on their lantern and then launch the lantern into the lake and watch as it joins the other lanterns floating on the water.

How we built it

Using Unity and various design/modeling software and modified assets from the Unity store, we each built separate components and combined them into a single unity project.

Challenges I ran into

Occlusion and light on the lanterns didn't cooperate. We had to integrate a painting mechanism onto a texture. The water reflections became problematic and we had to try to find a way for the user to understand what they are supposed to do without much instruction.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are pleased with the atmosphere and ambiance we created.

What I learned

I personally learned new ways to utilize particle effects to create water effects and fog.

What's next for Team Lantern

That remains to be seen.

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