Inspiration: Knowing that it doesn't matter what you studied as a woman, you can still make it in the dev world as a full stack developer

What it does: The solution is to help japotech with its current inability to track sales and employee performance and also give the company visibility of sales and revenue.

How we built it:we built it through hard work,research and teamwork.a couple of sleepless nights too.we used HTML,CSS,bootstrap,node js,express,javascript

Challenges we ran into Different work schedules, having to learn everything from scratch as we were all new to code

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Proud of emerging as the winning team on this project

What we learned: Persistence and resilience is great, teamwork is very key

What's next for Team Lancers: We open to the greater opportunities the universe has to offer

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posted an update

As team lancers we managed to intergrate team work and worked around each team members schedule. We have grown and improved as individuals. This was a fun and exciting experience. Glad to have met all the members of team lancers

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