The first minutes Before/During/After an health accident in Hajj are critical and essential to provide the right care on right time.

There is a massive time taken in the process to detect the location for the impacted pilgrim and sending ambulance car through the traffic to him.

Speeding up the emergency response can prevent deaths, crowed and accelerate the recovery dramatically.

Solution Overview

Hajj DroneAid System will be located in operation centers for minister of health to provides a real time monitor for the pilgrim’s health and immediate interaction with remote support of specialized doctor in case of health accident using the combination of :

IoT Smart Band for real time monitoring for the pilgrim’s health and sending a real time insights about the vital signs, In addition, to pilgrim location. Smart IoT band will be delivered to each pilgrims at his entrance to any Saudi port

The health signs of the impacted pilgrims will be shown in map in real time . In addition, The system will do a notifications with patient indications and it will allow the admins to send DroneAid to his location and assign specialized doctor to do the remote support through live camera and mic on the drone .

3) Drones Occupied with Different Frist Aid Kits will fly to impacted case.

Added Value

1) Real Time Monitor and statistics about the pilgrims health. 2) Saving the time wasted in the traffic to send a physical ambulance car. 3) More efficiency for the location detection. 4) Fast interaction with the impacted pilgrim will support the crowed
prevention. 5) Immediate video conference and chat with specialized doctor will accelerate the recovery chances.

Future enhancement

1) Machine Learning for the vital signs insights to predict the emergency. 2) RFID for the vaccination registration control. 3) Crowed management.

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