The Kaizen project is developed so as to help mitigate some of the issues that we see with education in Africa and as the name suggests(Kaizen) which is a Japanese word to mean 'Change for better' hence we are bringing a positive change in the education system.

What it does

Kaizen constitutes of 3 major parts: The Kaizen Portal(Admin Dashboard) Kaizen App Kaizen USSD

Kaizen Portal

The admin portal is where the admins of the system manage the system. We have 2 admins in our system, the school administrator and the Kaizen manager. Once they register as either a school admin or a Kaizen manager, the system will continually recognize them as such and hence take them to the respective School admin and Kaizen admin dashboards when they login based on their emails. The school admin dashboard allows the school admin to create and view the school's details, including the subscription plus to add classes and teachers to the school. The Kaizen management dashboard allows the manager to view and manage the registered schools, to view and manage the registered users, to view and add content for cultural practices and content for teachers and to see notifications of reported negative cultural practices.

Kaizen App

This is where the users are able to register under a specific school registered in the system by the admin as either student, teachers or parents (to track the student progress) and access the relevant content depending on their roles. The learning materials consists of the core subjects that are taught in school, skills to enhance or change the way the education system is being taught in Africa and also educating the community against the cultural practices demonstrated in some areas. The app also constitutes of skills development which is meant help the learners grow their skills e.g. guitar lessons, time management skills, communication and drawing skills. Through the app the users can report cases of negative cultural practices happening in their areas, and hence more emphasis can be put on the areas where most cases are reported from

Kaizen USSD

A user can access interactive educational content by dialing a service code (eg *384#) on their mobile phone. The request is sent to our application through Africa’s talking USSD API. Through this the user can interact with our resources to learn by taking tests which contribute to the Kaizen Leaderboard. This will help to have more competitive learning among the students hence have the students more eager to learn more.

How we built it

Since we were a diverse team working with different languages we are using the micro-service architecture. Our architecture is made up of small functional units written in different languages. So we implemented our solution using Flutter, dart and Django and this is the API which does the user registration. We are also using blob service on Azure to handle files on our app. Our data will be stored on SQL DB. We were able also to build on other API’s using the ASP.NET using C#. For the USSD services we built using Africa’s talking USSD API and Php

Challenges we ran into

Deploying the mobile app through Azure Pipelines and also on App Center Scheduling time in between school work and GOL was a challenge to us which hindered most of our weekly submission

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a solution that changes the perception on how people view the education in Africa Partipating as Game of Learners partipants gave us chances to showcase our skills and learn how to tackle problems.

What we learned

  1. Team work - Growing together as a team this was through the collaboration from every team member
  2. We learnt new development languages
  3. Problem solving skills
  4. Time management skills

What's next for Team Kaizen

Building a Machine Learning model to help us analyse data on the areas where most cases of cultural practices are done which will help us share more content against the negative practices to those areas. Planning on implementation of real time chat and also video to enhance Techer, parent and student collaboration Implementation of brain games to enhance creativity and also improve on learning


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