The current situation (we want to get back out!), the need of better data and knowing we could build something.

What it does

We developed a concept and prototype of a platform that allows collection, management and sharing of result data from serological tests. Together with an operational plan on how to collect high quality and non-biased data, it aims at improving data driven decision making.

How we built it

We primarily developed a concept and a prototype of how the platform could look like. We divided the tasks within our relatively small team (presentation, video, prototype,...) and also talked to external experts (medical doctors, epidemiologists, researchers, data scientists) to get additional external input and concept validation.

Challenges we ran into

VersusVirus Hackathon was our first Hackathon, so we did not know much about the processes involved (team building,...). Also it was not clear what and how to submit (this thing here ;-)...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the idea we developed together and received good feedback from people directly involved with the crisis.

What we learned

How a Hackathon works, how to develop a movie.

What's next for Team immunity

We will further develop the concept and build a functional platform if we get support from the listed partners, these include BAG. The concept makes not much sense without support and coordination from high up...

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