Team Illusions is a group of graduate students from Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center.

A handful of companies that make glasses are capable of superimposing 3D objects into the real world in a convincing manner but Epson’s Moverio BT-200 glasses give such an experience to the players at its best. Taking advantage of this technology and pushing its boundaries to a new level, Team Illusions is creating an Augmented Reality game.

The game will be a table-top multi player game. It is an Augmented Reality experience rather than a Virtual Reality experience that will encourage the players to interact with the real world rather than just with floating screens in-front of them. Players will interact with the environment, with each other and with the virtual objects or characters overlaid into the real world. We aim to engage two or more players in an experience that is unique from what is possible in the real world or on phones/tablets. The game will be able to be played at different locations.

This game would be good for people who love to engage themselves in casual games, especially who are interested in exploring new technologies and interacting with others. This will be a fun and entertaining game where players can help each other or play against each other to achieve a specific goal.

Our aim is to create an engaging experience that is fun, easy to learn, and easy to setup for the audience. This game is unique in its own way because it will use all the advantages of Wearable AR technology to create an Augmented Reality experience.

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